Welcome to Manhattan's BNI® Platinum Chapter 3 networking group.


The Difference

We are a group of experienced, successful professionals, in all careers, who believe that NYC business networking need not be that boring, droll, the no personality card exchange that we have all experienced. We believe that it really is no fun to be in business… If you are not having fun doing business. BNI 3 is one of the oldest New York City BNI chapters. We espouse the BNI mantra: “Givers Gain”, all the while acting as each other’s business muses, sales reps, referral partners, and personal board of directors. When you experience a BNI 3 meeting, you will start the day with a smile on your face and the feeling that you have all the resources to conquer your business mountain. If you are not having fun doing business then you should check out BNI 3.